This is the story of George who went through a lot of pain when building their house.

George is an accountant by profession and father of three kids. He’d been struggling for weeks trying to set up the water supply to his family’s house. He’d tried installing several pumps, but was unable to get the adequate horsepower that was needed. There was little to no after sales support at the place where he had purchased the pump. He was pretty much on his own. His wife and kids were suffering due to the lack of water. George was in distress and felt like he could not cater to his family. At some point, he was contemplating selling this house. Such was his agony!

George then called us.We listened carefully to his story and could immediately relate. After all, industrial equipment (pumps, generators, Vacuum Cleaners, Lawn mowers, Air Conditioning, Voltage Regulators, etc.) are our core business and we have helped thousands of customers with similar issues in the past.

So we visited his home to access the situation and advised him what was required to establish the required horsepower. What was needed was quite simply, a count of stories in the building and the number of rooms/baths. We factored this in and established the ideal horsepower. If he didn’t take our advice, he’d be in the same precarious situation he was together with his family. Following our advice would guarantee not only his family’s water supply but also their happiness.

A jubilant George called us a week later, thanking us for the advice and solution we had offered. His happy family now has a reliable water supply.

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