Desmond was a priest, living in a green area of Accra. On the first Saturday of every month,  he would mow the lawn around his church. This felt like a meditation to him and he did it with the utmost pleasure. One day however, the machine broke down. While trying to fix it, he realized that a part was damaged and needed replacement. He called the shop where he bought the machine, but they told him that spare parts were not available. Desmond insisted, asking for assistance, but he no one at the store was able or willing to help him. He got very frustrated and angry because he felt that he was going to have to purchase a brand new lawn mower because of his inability to obtain one small piece. It was driving Desmond nuts. The fact that he couldn’t mow the grass around his church made it all worse. He felt as if he was not able to fulfill his duty in the eyes of God. 

Desmond called us and spoke to our team. We listened carefully to her story and could immediately relate. After all, industrial equipment (Generators, Pumps, Vacuum Cleaners, Lawn mowers, Air Conditioning, Voltage Regulators, etc.) are our core business and we have helped thousands of customers with similar issues in the past.

We went to see Desmond at his church, only to find him in tears. We consoled and told him that we understood his frustration and that we have helped many customers in the past who needed a spare part for  their lawn mower. We advised him that from now on, for every purchase of any equipment he would make in the future, to ask the shop about spare parts availability and after sales support. If these were not available, then he would simply not buy the product. 

Desmond was most probably the happiest man on the planet. He came to see us at our store, expressed his holy gratitude for allowing him to mow the lawn around his church with joy and without worries. He felt one with God again and even blessed our store on his way out.

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