Olivia,  a young small business owner about to get married , was running an appliance store  just outside Accra. The area suffered from power outages regularly, which had a negative impact on Olivia’s revenue and profits. She had a generator, but the machine did not work the way it was supposed to; this is when she realized that it was made of cheap material and that she should have invested in better quality. The whole situation became so bad that her whole business was in jeopardy.  Olivia felt frustrated, stressed and fearful that she may lose everything she had built up. She almost lost her marriage too because of the stress this ordeal had caused.

Olivia called us. We listened carefully to her story and could immediately relate. After all, industrial equipment (Generators, Pumps, Vacuum Cleaners, Lawn mowers, Air Conditioning, Voltage Regulators, etc.) are our core business and we have helped thousands of customers with similar issues in the past.

We drove down to Olivia’s shop and examined the situation. We told her that she was not the only business owner who had been suffering from the negative effects of these power outages. There were plenty more; but we could help her. We told her that because she was running a business, it was crucial for her not to save on quality and to make sure that whenever she needed a backup power supply, her generator could provide for it. We also advised her to do regular maintenance and to make sure that at the moment of purchase, she knew exactly who to call if there was something wrong with the machine. 

Olivia, who had taken our feedback close to heart, came to visit us at our store in Accra to personally thank us for the amazing “treatment” we had given her. Her shop was running smoothly and revenue and profits had been on the rise for over ten days now.

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