We improve people’s everyday life through technological solutions.

Kay Gee Enterprises believes in the importance of improving the lives of people through technological solutions. Technology plays a very important role in the growth of humankind. This enables us to get things done faster and easier so you can focus more on things that matter most to you – whether growing your business or spending more quality time with your family.


For over four decades, products of Kay Gee Enterprises have stood out for their quality and reliability. During this time, we have served tens of thousands of very satisfied clients. We are known for top quality products, excellent customer support and after sales services.




Our vision is to be the premier distributor to wholesale and retailers in the whole of Ghana and Africa


Our mission is to effectively serve all of the specialized and diverse needs of our customers.

We care about and serve our customers

George's Story

This is the story of George who went through a lot of pain building house.

Olivia's Story

She came to visit our store in Accra. She was happy with our services.

Desmond's Story

Desmond was a priest, living in a green area of Accra.